Find Inspiration–Reach Higher–Move Forward

We Are A Boutique Fitness Studio

FORWARD Fitness (formerly Define) is a boutique fitness studio in Allendale, New Jersey. We offer our clients a premier workout experience through a wide range of classes, exceptional instructors, and a top-of-the-line studio, helping them reach their individual fitness goals.

What makes FORWARD special?
Our mission is to provide our community with unique, stylized classes delivered in a holistic one-of-a-kind experience for Bergen County. Our professional instructors bring clients variety, whether it be Cycle, Trampoline, Barre, and Dance Cardio, all under one roof. Being part of our Community, our classes are designed for all fitness levels from beginner to expert. Our instructors will partner with you to achieve the success you are looking for and guide you Forward on your fitness journey.



Beginning a program or continuing a lifelong pursuit of fitness. Move Forward. High school students and grandmothers, novices and professional fitness instructors, we’re all having fun, enjoying the music and taking steps forward. Move forward in fitness, move forward in our community and move forward in your life.


If you’re beginning a program or continuing a lifelong pursuit of fitness, at Forward, the journey is as important as the destination, so Have Fun. Move at the pace of the music and bounce to the beat, all with professional fitness instructors carefully crafting the experience to help you move Forward with a smile.


Push past your limits with highly specialized instructors, personal training sessions, and a supportive community in our comfy-cool space. Countless reps are never our goal; it’s going beyond what you thought you could do.


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