Class Descriptions

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  • See results, boost your metabolism and build strength in our core-focused whole-body workouts.
  • Our rhythm-based class incorporates the science of Pilates, yoga, core strengthening & ballet in a balanced workout.
  • Our classes are an efficient way to build muscle definition while being easy on your joints.
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  • Develop the energy you need to feel your best or cross train for your next race. Clear your mind and ride to the beat in our rhythm-based revolution class. Our class helps you build a strong body & mind without sacrificing your joints.

Hammock Yoga

  • Our hammock classes, also known as aerial classes, are a relaxing, restorative way to stretch and help our muscles recover. Our instructors utilize the hammocks and gravity to provide a gentle but deeper stretch. While they may seem intimidating, hammock classes are welcome to all levels, and we encourage you to give them a try!
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LYT Yoga

  • Instructors will lead you through a safe, hands on and all levels flow of postures designed to relax, build strength, give space for quiet contemplation and a playful approach to deepening an existing yoga practice. Yoga mats and various props will be used to support students of all levels in having a safe and enjoyable class. Come ready to get calm and grounded in body and mind.


  • Our class is high intensity interval training on the trampoline combined with targeted barre work. Trampolines are 20% more cardio effective than treadmills and give 80% less stress to your knees.
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Dance Cardio

  • Curated by our former-dancer instructors, our dance cardio classes feature a choreographed routine that’s sure to get your heart pumping. Step by step, the instructor guides clients through a routine that has aspects of strength, cardio, and stretching built in. These classes are unique to FORWARD and are a client-favorite. What better way to break a sweat than while busting a move?