What to Wear

What are you guys wearing to this class?

If you’ve ever gone to a workout class with your besties, guaranteed someone in the group has sent this text. There are so many options out there and it can be really overwhelming to decide what to throw on for your new workout.

As a Fitness Professional, my athletic wear search has evolved from just making sure I like the color, to making sure the material, fit and support level are all in alignment for the workout I am teaching that day. Here’s an easy breakdown:

Yoga/Pilates: For those low impact workouts, I’ll be a little bit more lenient with fabric because there usually isn’t a ton of sweating going on. I’ll opt for a softer, less compressive fabric such as Lululemon Aligns or the buttery Beyond Yoga material. I’ll make sure there are no additional zippers or clasps on the back of the top, so that when I am lying flat on the mat or on the reformer, I’m comfortable.

Trampoline/Dance/Cycle: These are my typical workouts and I’ll be pickier with the fabric because there is a ton of sweating happening! First and foremost, the fabric needs to be sweat-wicking. There is nothing worse than leaving a class and feeling like you just jumped in the pool with your clothes on. Cue shivering and overall discomfort, no thanks. This is where I love a Lulu Wunder Under or a Splits 59 Rigor. We don’t want to keep hiking our pants up, and these fits will stay snug on your waist. Don’t overlook the top! We need SUPPORT! Or at least I do. I opt for adjustable straps and something with a band underneath the bra line.

Fit wear has really upped its game by creating things we can throw on running in and out the door. l love pieces that zip up the front and a hood is a bonus! The Lulu Scuba zip or the Alo Yoga Clubhouse Jacket are two that you can head to grab a coffee in after class, and you’ll still look cute and put together.

Whatever you choose, it should make you feel comfortable, confident and supported. Find a price-range that works for you and remember: fabric, support and of course aesthetic! Workouts are just better when you like your outfit.

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